Of the activites I engage in outside of academics and research, reading is perhaps the one that I enjoy the most. Books- easy to read fantasy page turners and serious manuscripts about the state of the world and our reality alike- have both shaped my understanding of this world and brought me much joy. That said, I will read virtually anything I come across. If you ever want to talk about a book, I’m in! If you recommend one, I’ll read it! Reach out to me if you ever feel like discussing my reading list!

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Of the many facets of existence that I hold dear, there is none I cherish more than the power to create. Just as the books that I have read through the years have moved me, I aspire to write stories that move. However, I am still a fledgling writer with few pieces to my name. Here are some pieces that I’ve written in the recent past- I sincerely hope you enjoy reading them as much as I enjoyed writing them!

Creative Writing Blog

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I am an avid sports enthusiast and love playing badminton, table tennis and soccer and have trained seriously for the former two sports. I also love watching badminton, tennis, soccer, basketball and table tennis and revel in the timeless rivalries that have defined these sports in this era! The fluidity and elegance of these sports simply takes my breath away!

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Organizing Events and Volunteering

I thoroughly enjoy working as a part of large teams. At IIT Madras, I have had the opportunity to work with brilliant people in multiple teams and do things that I am extremely passionate about. Through these experiences I have learnt much, found incredible mentors and made steadfast friends. I am always on the lookout for new opportunities to volunteer or work with teams that are passionate about what they do.

So if you’re doing something fun or know someone who needs a volunteer, feel free to write to me!

That said, here are some of the amazing teams I’ve had the privilege to be a part of:

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Low-latency Networking

Work focusing on low-latency networking for interactive applications

Decentralized Wireless

Work focusing on decentralizing the wireless stack.

Channel Estimation Using PDSCH DMRS

Work to generate multi-port, multi-symbol downlink DMRS and receive the same in the presence of a TDL channel

Half-duplex system design using USRP N321

Summary This work develops a half duplex system operating at 122.88 MSPS and transmitting data generated according to 5G NR standards using a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). A half duplex system can both transmit and receive but can not do both simultaneously.

5G Testbed

Multiple projects done at the Indigenous 5G Testbed at IIT Madras.

8 Bit Microprocessor

Simulation of an 8 bit microprocessor using Verilog.

Music Mood Annotation

Creation of a dataset and implementation of deep learning techniques for automatic music emotion recognition.

Source Separation

A study of NMF and its use in audio source separation.

Laser beam position tracking for LIGO

Deep learning for laser beam position tracking for LIGO interferometers.

Evolve 2019

Head, Team Spotlight, Team Evolve, Shaastra 2018

Evolve 2018

Coordinator, Team Spotlight, Team Evolve, Shaastra 2018

CoEdu India

Student Mentor, CoEdu India, 2020

Inter IIT Sports meet Organizing Team

Coordinator, Hospitality Team, Inter IIT Organizing Team