CoEdu India

May 2020 -

The Covid-19 pandemic has disrupted life throughout the world. One area of life that has witnessed dramatic change with the ubiquitous shift to online communication is education. Schools throughout India are attempting to rapidly shift to online teaching and the period of transition can often be difficult for both students and teachers alike. CoEdu attempts to fill this void by bringing together students from different streams of engineering and at different levels of study (undergraduate or graduate) from IIT Madras and connecting them to schools and schoolchildren who can benefit from their expertise. While subjects traditionally covered in a school are presented to make up for the lack of in person teaching, great emphasis is also placed on introducing children from classes 8-12 to subjects such as AI or equip them with skills such as coding in order to enable them to comprehend, and contribute to, the technology driven world of the future. We also aspire to accomodate individual mentoring for students in the near future. As someone passionate about education, working with this team has allowed me to experience firsthand the challenges of making knowledge accessible and the excitement of teaching.

Milind Kumar V
Milind Kumar V
PhD student, CSL

I am interested in 5G and the decentralization of wireless technology.