I am broadly interested in 5G and decentralizing wireless technology. Owing to the former, I spent quite some time building a part of the Indigenous 5G Testbed at IIT Madras. The latter combines classical networking and wireless technology, cryptography and blockchain, game theory and in some of its incarnations, even policy. My work in this domain attempts to design purely technological solutions that enable the organic growth of a network from the ground up by correctly incentivised players.

Some of my older undergraduate work can be found here.


Decentralized Wireless

Work focusing on decentralizing the wireless stack.

Channel Estimation Using PDSCH DMRS

Work to generate multi-port, multi-symbol downlink DMRS and receive the same in the presence of a TDL channel

Half-duplex system design using USRP N321

Summary This work develops a half duplex system operating at 122.88 MSPS and transmitting data generated according to 5G NR standards using a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). A half duplex system can both transmit and receive but can not do both simultaneously.

5G Testbed

Multiple projects done at the Indigenous 5G Testbed at IIT Madras.

8 Bit Microprocessor

Simulation of an 8 bit microprocessor using Verilog.

Music Mood Annotation

Creation of a dataset and implementation of deep learning techniques for automatic music emotion recognition.

Source Separation

A study of NMF and its use in audio source separation.

Laser beam position tracking for LIGO

Deep learning for laser beam position tracking for LIGO interferometers.

Evolve 2019

Head, Team Spotlight, Team Evolve, Shaastra 2018

Evolve 2018

Coordinator, Team Spotlight, Team Evolve, Shaastra 2018

CoEdu India

Student Mentor, CoEdu India, 2020

Inter IIT Sports meet Organizing Team

Coordinator, Hospitality Team, Inter IIT Organizing Team