Channel Estimation Using PDSCH DMRS

Resource grid for different DMRS configurations


DMRS symbols are generated according to the specifications in Section 7.4 of TS 38.211. This includes generation of DMRS symbols for either single or multiple ports, different configuration types, different types of PDSCH mapping and different types of resource allocation. Random M-QAM data is used to populate the empty subcarriers before transmission through a TDL channel (see TR 38.901). The received DMRS symbols are used to estimate the channel. The simulation supports multiple receive antennas as well. A comparison is made of the actual and estimated channel coefficients using suitable visualizations.

This work was completed as a part of the course EE6143 at IIT Madras.

Milind Kumar V
Milind Kumar V
PhD student, CSL

I am interested in 5G and the decentralization of wireless technology.