HotNets '23: Boosting Application Performance using Heterogeneous Virtual Channels: Challenges and Opportunities

Interactive networked applications require high through- put, low latency, and high reliability from the network to pro- vide a seamless user experience. While meeting these three requirements simultaneously is difficult, there has been an emergence …

Proof of Service: Trust-free OCS for Decentralized Cellular Networks

Ongoing work on the Proof of Service system design for decentralized cellular networks

Summary Slides: Building Flexible, Low-Cost Wireless Access Networks With Magma

Summary slides for the Magma paper by Hasan, Shaddi, et al.

HotNets '22: Trust-free service measurement and payments for decentralized cellular networks

Decentralized cellular networks have emerged to increase network accessibility by distributing infrastructure ownership over independent entities. Unlike the centralized setting, these architectures can allow users to connect to any untrusted base …

Magma Installation on Ubuntu 20.04

Magma is a 4G/5G open source networking core with a unique architecture that isolates RAT functions to the edge. This is an installation guide.

Advanced Topics in Communications

Graduate level course covering the fundamentals of wireless communications and 5G NR specifications.

Channel Estimation Using PDSCH DMRS

Work to generate multi-port, multi-symbol downlink DMRS and receive the same in the presence of a TDL channel

Receiver design and implementation for the Indigenous 5G Testbed

Simulation of 5G NR Receiver

Half-duplex system design using USRP N321

Summary This work develops a half duplex system operating at 122.88 MSPS and transmitting data generated according to 5G NR standards using a Universal Software Radio Peripheral (USRP). A half duplex system can both transmit and receive but can not do both simultaneously.

Receiver Design for 5G NR

5G technology is poised to bring about a wave of changes in the near future. An integral step in the process of developing 5G systems is performing extensive simulations to verify the efficacy of algorithms before they are implemented on hardware. …