Receiver Design for 5G NR

5G technology is poised to bring about a wave of changes in the near future. An integral step in the process of developing 5G systems is performing extensive simulations to verify the efficacy of algorithms before they are implemented on hardware. …

RACH, CORESET and Search Space in 5G NR

This talk discusses User Equipment (UE) procedures post RACH. It also describes search spaces- what they are, how they're obtained, associated terms, pertinent information elements and UE actions. Similar details regarding CORESETs are also …

5G Testbed

Multiple projects done at the Indigenous 5G Testbed at IIT Madras.

Music Mood Annotation

Creation of a dataset and implementation of deep learning techniques for automatic music emotion recognition.

Source Separation

A study of NMF and its use in audio source separation.

System Information Acquisition in 5G NR

Any UE in the 5G network requires system information in order to operate within the network. This is conveyed using the Master Information Block and System Information Blocks. This talk outlines the process of acquiring the necessary system …