Decentralized Wireless

Proof of Service: Trust-free OCS for Decentralized Cellular Networks

Ongoing work on the Proof of Service system design for decentralized cellular networks

Summary Slides: Building Flexible, Low-Cost Wireless Access Networks With Magma

Summary slides for the Magma paper by Hasan, Shaddi, et al.

Decentralized Wireless

Work focusing on decentralizing the wireless stack.

HotNets '22: Trust-free service measurement and payments for decentralized cellular networks

Decentralized cellular networks have emerged to increase network accessibility by distributing infrastructure ownership over independent entities. Unlike the centralized setting, these architectures can allow users to connect to any untrusted base …

Magma Installation on Ubuntu 20.04

Magma is a 4G/5G open source networking core with a unique architecture that isolates RAT functions to the edge. This is an installation guide.